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Lora Adrianse is a person of many talents who is passionate about inspiring and contributing to the growth and development in others. Alongside her corporate career, she founded Essential Connections in 1999 to transform her dreams into action.

She left her 28-year corporate career behind to expand the magnitude of the clients she could touch. Today she acts as a catalyst for individuals, teams and businesses who aspire to unlock their potential and achieve extraordinary results.

Her philosophy is based on the belief that all people and businesses have power to achieve the success that they desire.

She says, "Sometimes though, things like limiting beliefs, lack of awareness or action, or ineffective interpersonal relationships, can stifle overall effectiveness as well as success. That's when it takes an objective, in depth listener to bring about thought provoking questions and conversations that will remove barriers and open doors. It's the "AHA, now I get it" moments that create breakthroughs, shifts in thinking and behavior.

"I think of the work I do as a vehicle to help people get from where they are to where they want to be. It's being a part of the "AHA moments" that validate for me that I'm doing what I was meant to do."

Her many years in the corporate world built the wealth of foundational knowledge, wisdom, skills and abilities she utilizes in her business. She is accomplished in developing employees at all levels, a seasoned business manager, and an expert in building solid business relationships with customers as well as other business partners. Her natural instincts enrich her ability to get to the heart of the real business issues people face today.

Resume: Download current resume.pdf (65.6K)


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